Countertop Refinishing:  Removes scratches, stains, and general wear and tear.  This process makes your tops look new again. 
  Crack Repairs:   With color match material provided by the original fabricator, cracks can be repaired with virtual invisibility.  On the rare occassion that non color match material must be used, we will get together and agree on the material to be used before any  repair work takes place.
  Undermount sink replacement:  Sometimes solid surface sinks will get cracked or damaged and need to be replaced.  We can remove the old sink and replace it with an identical new sink. If you would like a totally different sink as a replacement then we can do that as well.
  Retro fitting of appliances and sinks:  Some people have had their sinks or stove tops or other appliances installed since they first had their countertops installed.  With the purchase of new stoves or cooktops some cutout dimensions may need to be changed to accomodate the new items.  We can make cutouts larger or smaller depending on the specific requirements.
  Retro Fitting of Countertops:  We have customers that have solid surface tops in an upstairs kitchen but they want some other kind of tops instead.  Maybe they want Granite or Marble but they don't want to just throw away good solid surface material.
  Quite often they may be remodeling a basement to have a kitchen in it and we can alter the existing countertops from the upstairs to make them work in the new application downstairs.
Maybe they want to give the used tops to a relative or friend that can use them if they were to be reworked to fit their space.  Also, sometimes they have gotten a spectacular deal on some solid surface display tops from a showroom and would like them in their space. 

Corian® coffe table.  Made from Malachite and Sandstone Corian®.
If you have any questions or would like to schedule a repair please call, text, or send us an email.

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